Do NOT Chase or Call out to your Lost Dog.

Lost your dog or see a lost dog? First steps you should take to capture your lost dog.
If you see the dog:
  • Sit very still on the Ground
  • Stay QUIET
  • Have stinky yummy food. I like to use McDonalds plain Cheeseburgers or Sausage biscuits. Hot dogs also work well
  • Let the dog approach you and RESIST temptation to reach and grab the dog. You ONLY HAVE ONE CHANCE, let the dog get so close you barely have to move your hand/arm to grab the collar or get a slip lead on it.

Sample Lost Dog Intersection SignDon’t know where it is? IMMEDIATELY, make large, simple signs. The BEST way to locate a LOST DOG is to put out large, bright signs at intersections.

Make Lost Dog Intersection signs

  1. Make LOTS of signs and put a couple at major intersections in all communities within 10 miles of point of loss.
    1. Purchase NEON Poster board,
    2. Thick BLACK Sharpie,
    3. Clear garbage bags,
    4. Clear Packing Tape
    5. Either 4′ wooden stakes or political yard sign frames.
    6. If you are in La Crosse area, Fun Fur Pets Dog Daycare and Boarding has sign frames and equipment you can borrow
  2. Each sign should include:
    1. LOST DOG
    2. 2 -3 WORD description of dog (Color and Breed)
    3.  Lost Dog sign exampleYour Phone Number
    4. And the words “Do NOT Chase”
    5. Watch The Retrievers video for detailed instructions.
  3. Post signs at EVERY intersection near where the dog was lost. AND post them 5-10 miles away from that site as scared dogs RUN and do not often stick to the road.
  4. Keep a Record of where you posted the signs, I suggest using a Custom Google Map ( so you can record sign locations AND sightings.
    The Retrievers have a video on how to create a custom Google Map  (

Register with Lost Dogs of WI or MN

If you are located in WI, file a Lost Dog Report on the Lost Dogs of WI website

If you are located in MN, file a Lost Dog Report on the Lost Dogs MN website

Blankets and Food at location dog was lost

  1. Set out dog’s blanket/Bed,
  2. Put out food and water where the dog was lost.
  3. Set up a trail camera so you can see IF and WHEN the dog comes to that site.

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