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Dogs often are blamed for human’s lack of etiquette, manners and irresponsible actions. If humans would mind their manners and use their brains, a lot of dogs would not pay the price. Basic manners and behavior tips when approaching or working with dogs.

Louie will often crawl into a crate for nap. This happens to be his crate but he uses all of the crates for napping.

Learning to Love the Crate

I work with foster dogs and I ALWAYS crate train my fosters. Granted most are adults when I get them but I have used the same process with puppies. I make their crate the BEST place on earth. All of my dogs are fed in their crates ALWAYS! They get Kongs, bones, snacks, everything food […]

Greeting Dogs Properly

Greeting Dogs Properly

I just came across this great poster and article by Dr. Sophia Yin relating proper dog greeting to how a human might greet a stranger. This is a very logical and effective way to think of greeting dogs. Best question to ask yourself “Would I run up and hug a total but cute stranger?” And […]

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