Dog anxiety training, treatment, care, and prevention for the modern dog mom

Whether your pup is afraid of fireworks, is naturally jittery, or has canine separation anxiety,
training and soothing an anxious dog can seem like a daunting task. As a dog mom here to teach
other dog moms what I’ve learned on this journey with my foster Chessies, here are just a few
things you can learn about on this page:

  • Separation anxiety dog training
  • Calming an anxious dog
  • Training a dog with leash anxiety
  • Crate-training your anxious dog (so their crate is their sanctuary!)
  • Treatment for dog anxiety (whether it’s noise-related, leash, or separation anxiety)
  • And above all else, how to give your anxious dog a less stressful life, so every day can be easier—for both you and your four-legged furry child.

Types of Dog Anxiety

Separation Anxiety

A black and white dog with separation anxiety misses its owner

Leash Anxiety

A brown and black dog with a green collar has leash anxiety

Noise Anxiety

A gray and black dog with noise anxiety thinks of loud sounds in a thought bubble
Separation anxiety is when a dog becomes anxious when their owner leaves, making it difficult to leave them at home and unsupervised during the workday.Leash anxiety is when a dog becomes nervous around their leash, making it difficult to take
them for walks and get them their important daily exercise.
Noise anxiety is when a dog is sensitive to noise. This varies in intensity—some dogs may be anxious toward a specific noise while others may be nervous at any sound.`

Separation Anxiety Dog Training Resources:

Separation Anxiety (ASPCA)
Dog Separation Anxiety: Causes, Prevention, and How to Stop (AKC)
Separation Anxiety in Dogs (PAWSCHICAGO)

Leash Anxiety Dog Training Resources:

Leash Reactivity: How to Relieve Your Dog’s Anxiety (DogDecoder)
Fearful Fido: 13 Tips for When Your Dog is Anxious on Walks (Union Lake Pet Services)
Managing a Leash-Reactive Dog (Animal Humane Society)

Noise Anxiety Dog Training Resources:

Noise Anxiety in Dogs:
Symptoms, Causes, and Ways to Treat It (Dogtime)
6 Ways to Prevent and Treat Noise Anxiety in Dogs (UVH Vets)
Fear of Noises in Dogs (VCA Hospitals)

My Articles About Separation Anxiety in Dogs:

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My Articles About Noise Anxiety in Dogs:

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Treatment Ideas for All Types of Dog Anxiety:

  • Training dogs out of anxiety
  • Exercise
  • Massages
  • Creating a sanctuary space
  • Removing triggering stimuli
  • Medicine (ONLY as prescribed by a licensed veterinarian!)

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