Puppy Training Classes

Puppy Games and Play

Puppies have a lot to learn but very short attention spans. Most of all, puppies want to PLAY!!! And we want to PLAY with our puppies! So let’s us Play to teach our puppy how to be a good family member.

How will play teach my puppy to be obedient? How will they learn to sit, down, stay, etc?

  • Games that teach focus and interaction
  • Games will help your puppy learn boundaries and burn energy
  • Puppies need to play with other puppies
  • Pattern Games help puppies, dogs and people learn how to work together, communicate and most of all have fun
  • Games are way more fun and can be done multiple times a day and are fun and not dreaded.

In Puppy Games and Play class, we will learn how to incorporate games into our daily lives in small doses. In class we will alternate games/work and puppy play.

Class Structure

  • Online Orientation to be watched before your first class
  • Cost: $25 for 45 minute class limited to 3 puppies
  • Puppies must be 3-8 months of age
  • Puppies must have the following vaccinations
    • Distemper,
    • Bordetella,
    • Rabies
  • Games will include at least:
    • Find It
    • Up/Down
    • Ping Pong
    • Super Bowls
    • Stationing/Place
  • Social/Recess
    • Appropriate play amongst other puppies
    • Recall away from play
    • Take a Breath/Settle when overwhelmed
Puppy Training using Find It on a mat to learn "place" or "station".
Puppy Play Time is a super important part of Puppy Training and socialization

“Find It”

My “Go To” training technique and is normally incorporated into almost every dog training plan. Find It is the very first technique I teach dogs and people.

Puppy Games and Play Orientation Video

Please watch this short (2.5 minute) video BEFORE you come to your first Puppy and Play class

Click on the link below to view our current class schedule, availability and book your class.

Classes are currently being offered on Saturday mornings at

Gathering Waters Design office
1501 St Andrews St, Suite B-200
La Crosse, WI 54603

Directions to class in building:

  • Park in the lot across from the entrance. Enter through the double glass doors under the copper overhang.
  • In lobby make a U-Turn to the left and come up the stairs to 2nd floor
  • Turn left through double doors and follow hallway around staying left
  • Gathering Waters glass door will be on the left at the hallway intersection (directly across from Grace Community Services)

Please complete the Dog Training Waiver & Vaccinations before you book your first class.

About the trainer: Pam Culver

Pam and Rufus

Pam uses a combination of positive reinforcement, pattern games from Control Unleashed and the techniques she has used with hundreds of rescue dogs over the last 10+ years of fostering and working with behavior issues. Pam has shared her home with challenging dogs from disabilities, anxiety, reactivity, aggression, feral, shy and hyperactivity. Pam draws on her personal experience in addition to the many training mentors she has learned from over the years. Pam grew up training horses and teaching people to ride horses in the last 10 years she has transitioned into working with rescue dogs and dog owners.

Do you have a specific in-home challenge you want to work on or are you interested in Private Dog Training? Pam also does Private In-Home and Virtual Sessions. Please visit the Private Dog Training Sessions page.