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Yukon approaching Missy Trap March 22, 2014

Yukon – Trapped & Anxious

What a story this boy could tell! Yukon (AKA Winter, the name given to him by his rescuer, Greg) was a stray in a rural area north of Minneapolis, MN. The first reported sighting of him was in Sept. 2013. This pup survived one of the coldest, harshest winters in years. Several people in the […]

Peanut after capture

Peanut’s (the Chihuahua) Journey – April 2022

On April 29th, 2022 around 1:45pm, Peanut, the tan Chihuahua, got scared and slipped out of his collar by Copeland Park in La Crosse. Peanut and his Dad were in town for a family funeral. Peanut was staying with a friend while Dad went to the funeral. The friends attempted to follow Peanut but they […]


Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Signs of Separation Anxiety in Dogs Dogs suffering from separation anxiety become agitated when their guardians prepare to leave and/or leave the room or home. Separation anxiety can be in the form of: Urinating or pooping in the house when left alone Barking or howling excessively and for a long period of time Chewing, digging […]

7:34am - Installing the Safety Catch Area on the front of the trap

Queen of Shiba Dog Trapping

Background Queen of Shiba is a Shiba Inu that had been loose since April, 2021. Someone had seen her “dumped off” from a car back in early April, 2021. The mechanics and neighbors near the trap site also reported that Shiba had been in the area since April. She had evaded all attempts to trap […]

Stress Yawn while watching people pass

Fearful Dogs – Methods for Dealing with them

When Louie arrived at my house, he would run around the house barking and howling at any noise – not even loud ones. This was an extremely fearful dog and I was at a loss how to deal with him. Here are some of the methods I tried, some of them have worked for Louie […]

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