Being a retriever, I could see that Radar wanted to play fetch but we needed to figure out a way for him to track the object after it was thrown. We started with a rope ball hoping it would have more scent and he could track it. That worked pretty well rolling it but Radar lost interest very quickly with the rope ball.

I knew there were balls that whistle but Radar’s brother, Louie, is sound sensitive and hyperactive. He is especially sensitive to high pitches and and whistles so that was not an option for Radar. We have a yard full of toys and one day I noticed Radar carrying around one of the big Jolly Teaser Balls. I decided to try and roll that ball and see if he could follow the noise of the interior ball. Radar loved it!

We started with rolling the ball so that it made lots of noise and Radar could easily follow the noise. Now we are progressing towards throwing the Teaser Ball and letting it hit the ground and then it rolls and Radar is still doing well. He zeros in on it when it hits the ground and then follows they sound and scent of the ball.

We are going to try other objects with noise makers as Radar is getting a little bored with the Teaser Ball. We will keep you posted on what else we find that works.

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